Alexa Ranking Names ISLA Number 1 Lifeguard Site

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by olin patterson 2 Comments

Permit us to brag for a moment… But we are excited to announce (based on recent Alexa rankings) that the ISLA website is Number 1 for a Lifeguard Organization¬†according to its traffic ranking.

Alexa is considered the industry standard for ranking websites by utilizing a system that lists websites from number 1 to infinity based on their traffic rankings. We are excited about the hard work that has gone into building our media and website network, and to see its astonishing results.

Also, ISLA’s Facebook Page¬†has the highest amount of Fans for a lifeguard Facebook Page in the United States!

We are humbled by the results and thankful to our many thousands of supportive fans, but most importantly want to share this information as we continue to search out new sponsorship relationships for the coming year and for our coming international projects.

Current ISLA stats:

Unique Website Visitors: 3,000 per month
Facebook Page Impressions: 16,000 per week.

These numbers hint at an exciting potential opportunity for our new sponsors that want to align with our mission and get major exposure! If you are interested in learning more about our sponsorship packages, please take a look at our Sponsor and Advertise Page or send an email to:

As a membership fee free organization, we believe in a business model that utilizes the advertising dollars of businesses that believe in our cause. ISLA will continue to promote its sustainable lifeguard projects as well the equipment and supplies being sent out to continue to raise awareness about the importance of ocean and water safety.

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  1. Congratulations on your achievement. This will help people become aware of your unselfish efforts to keep them safe when dwelling in oceans and other bodies of water. The people will feel safe knowing that your organization is around to save lives or protect them from unnecessary anxiety. Keep it up because we believe in you.

  2. I have always trusted ISLA because they have a very organized, widespread and comprehensive lifeguard training programs for all interested individuals. What I consider as the most exciting parts of their activities are the travels. They send a member to another country to serve as a lifeguard as part of his training. They also train interested volunteers in the area.

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