Join ISLA for Up-Coming Fall Lifeguard Exchange Trips to Mexico

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ISLA Tijuana

ISLA lifeguards in Tijuana this Summer.

MEAPA in Punta Abreojos, Mexico.
ISLA has two upcoming Fall Lifeguard Exchange Trips: La Misión- Rosarito, Mexico and Punta Abreojos, Mexico.

The La Misión- Rosarito trip is September 15-16, 2012. This trip is part of ISLA’s Project Baja California Lifeguard Exchange, an opportunity for all lifeguards and rescue personnel from around the world to share lifesaving skills and information and patrol the beaches with others. ISLA has partnered with the Tijuana Lifeguards and the Imperial Beach Lifesaving Association to organize this global lifeguard exchange program.

To learn more about this trip, past trips, and sign up on the Project Baja California Lifeguard Exchange trip, click here!

The Punta Abreojos trip is October 1-7, 2012. This trip is part of ISLA’s goal to create a permanent lifeguard agency in Punta Abreojos. In 2006, a volunteer lifeguard program and a beach safety program for school-aged children were started. Every year since its inception, volunteer lifeguards have traveled down the Baja peninsula to participate in developing the program. The result has been the training of multiple volunteer lifeguards and the annual participation of approximately 60 kids in the beach safety program.

The Abreojos Lifeguard Traning program is co-organized by ISLA and MEAPA (Mujeres en Accion Para Abreojos), to organize training sessions for the lifesaving program. MEAPA is an active group of local women that coordinate the Junior Lifeguard program each year. ISLA and MEAPA want to continue to build on the work of the past lifeguard volunteers and provide the additional training resources and equipment needed to ensure the success of the volunteer lifeguard program.

To continue the lifesaving progress, our ISLA lifeguards will travel to Punta Abreojos to offer training sessions in basic ocean rescue, provide basic rescue equipment, and work with the Junior Lifeguards on ocean safety and awareness. These steps are the building blocks for ISLA and MEAPA to establish a permanent lifeguard agency in Punta Abreojos.

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  1. What ISLA has done to the lifeguarding world is brilliant. People need to be aware of the dangers of playing in water especially when the waves are high. With this open training and seminar, many people will become a part of the life-saving program and be more safety-conscious. Some children can even benefit from the training as they will be taught how to swim. I commend you guys for doing the right thing. Excellent performance of duties.

    • raquel says:

      Hi Raymond,Thanks for the support! We are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish, and we hope to continue to educate others in order to make the world a safer place. The training was fantastic and it was truly amazing to see the difference in just a few short days. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. This is what I love most about ISLA. They have a program that sends lifeguards to other countries to render their services there. It will, at the same time, enhance those lifeguards skills in handling different situations. This is a great experience.

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