Checking In on Our Junior Guard Scholarship Winners

Summer is in full-swing! We decided to check in on both of our Junior Guard Scholarship winners and see how their summers were going!

When we first introduced our winners last month, we found out the biggest challenge for Gabriela was in making the prestigious rank of Captain… We are so proud to announce that not only did she make it as a Captain this year, but she did so with flying colors! Check out the video of Gabriela as she shares her experiences with some of the intense training and testing she has undergone. Gabriela has a great spirit and awesome enthusiasm… I guess you could say we expected nothing less on her amazing results and achievement!

Our next winner Richard, is gearing up for the highly anticipated swim around the Huntington Beach pier. Richard has yet to swim it (and we hope to share his experiences soon) but has been working hard to prepare for the long and commendable swim both physically and mentally. We will check back soon on Richard and share his results when they happen… But the hard work is evident Richard has put into training, and we are so excited for his results!

…So take a look at the video, we are so proud of both of our winners, the positive experience they are having and their motivation to make the most out of these wonderful opportunities… Keep being amazing both Gabriela and Richard! We will be checking in on them again soon and sharing their experiences… so stay tuned!