New Product Development in a Global Economy

Raquel Lizarraga, manager for isla, usually doesn’t spend her Friday nights at school. But when she does…it’s because she’s teaching the class!

A few weeks ago, Raquel had the opportunity to share her knowledge with the students at Cerritos College. She Guest Lectured for the students of the New Product Development (NPD) 100 class – New Product Development in a Global Economy.


Over the years, Raquel has been actively involved in marketing, public relations, fundraising, photograping, overseeing the volunteers, but you may know her best from social media.  For the past two years Raquel has overseen our social media accounts. When she first started we were just one Facebook account with 30 likes from our friends and family…and now we have a vast network of fans from all over the world!

Raquel Lizarraga

She shared her experiences volunteering with isla from going on trips to Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico to using social media as a business tool for isla.

Next semester, she will continue to guest lecture at Cerritos College and will also be taking a Plastics class alongside, isla volunteer, Pete Eich. Expect to see many updates as Pete and Raquel learn how to make surfboards  in the class!