Prague to Munich

10-25-13 : Train from Prague to Munich

Well I just said goodbye to some great friends as everyone starts to head back to real life.  I’m lucky I get to play a little bit longer!!!  Dan from Nile Swimmers, and Justin, Matt, Andrew, and their three respective ladies Jamie, Sydney, and Anne from Lifeguards Without Borders just split on a train back to Berlin right before I hopped on one to Munich.  The eight of us just spent 2 days in Prague wandering the streets, ducking into little bars to try the local brews (which were REALLY good), and exploring this beautiful city.

Prague blew me away.  It is a very walkable city that is a maze of small coble stone streets confronted by giant cathedrals, old soviet buildings, and castles.  We were blessed with incredible weather while we were in Prague, and our time walking around was really cool.  I thought to myself several times how lucky I was to be brought into contact with such great people to travel with, and how all of us came together because we loved to lifeguard and travel.  Great stories, a wonderful city I hope to return to, and built friendships.  All in all a massive success.

We were planning on road tripping around a little bit together as a giant group, but some people had to return to Berlin to catch flights home, and the others all kind of had different ideas of what to do. The free spirited travel nature of the group is so easy going and so now I find myself on a train to Munich.  We’ll see what happens from there.