Nicaragua 2012 Training

Nicaragua Project Information

Since 2009, ISLA has been heavily involved with working with the Nicaraguan government, its people, and the Nicaraguan Red Cross to work with the country in developing a more sustainable lifeguard operation. Each year, ISLA sends teams to the country to volunteer, provide training, and supply necessary equipment..

Starting in 2012, ISLA’s began to implement its second of a three phase operation by implementing an annual 3-day intensive training course for a diverse range of Nicaraguan trainees. This group included civil service members, Red Cross lifeguard volunteers, and members from non-governmental agencies from across the country. The graduates of this program have been able to take their newly acquired skills, expertise and supplies to areas all over the country. The outcome has been a visibly drastic decrease in drownings in Nicaragua.

ISLA will continue its three part operation to the country and people of Nicaragua until they have a sustainable operating lifeguard program for their people.

2015 | Nicaragua, Easter (Semana Santa)

Dates: March 30 – April 6, 2015

Project Description: This year marks the 7th ISLA project in Nicaragua!  Highlights of the exchange include a city exploration of Managua, Granada, Playa Popoyo, lifeguard training and lifeguarding during the wild holiday of Easter (Semana Santa), enjoying the Tonas, plantains, and queso seco, and touring the lake Nicaragua Islands and local volcanos!




2014 | Nicaragua, Easter (Semana Santa)

Dates: April 17-20, 2014

ISLA and Lifeguards without Borders sent a team of 10 volunteer lifeguards to the beaches of Nicaragua during the Easter Holiday. The team provided rescue equipment and assisted the Nicaragua Read Cross (NRC) in guarding the beaches of Jiquililo and Pase el Cabello. Before the holiday, the team explored the beautiful city of Granada, toured the lake Nicaragua Islands and checked out the local volcanoes. After the holiday, the team traveled to Playa Popoyo to surf their hearts out.   This trip was a great opportunity to visit a new place, meet incredible new friends, and share special skills that will help protect lives!

Press Release   |  Project Information Photo Album – Oh-las Amigos!  |  Photo Album – Welcome to Granada  | Photo Album – Lifeguarding Nicaragua – Bulls, Waves, Rescues, Racoons, and Volcanos!

2013 | Nicaragua, Easter (Semana Santa)

Dates: March 24-April 1, 2013

6 ISLA volunteers patroled the beaches of Nicaragua alongside the Nicaraguan Red Cross / Red Crescent during the Easter Holiday. As part of an initiative to minimize deaths and injuries caused by drowning, ISLA taught lifesaving techniques, provided lifesaving equipment, and patrolled the beaches alongside the Nicaraguan Red Cross/Red Crescent.

Project Report | Press Release
Photo Album – Lifeguards of Central America

2012 |  Easter (Semana Santa)

Dates: March/April, 2012

ISLA sent 17 volunteer lifeguards to conduct a Open Water Rescue Course in El Transito, Nicaragua. The participants in the first ever ISLA Open Water Lifeguard Course were the best volunteer lifeguards from Nicaraguan Red Cross/Red Crescent. The course included a First Aid and CPR practical exam, physical instruction, written test, and a non-buoy and buoy rescue practical exam. 25 lifeguard trainees completed the rigorous training course and received Basic ISLA Lifeguard Certification. After the training courses, ISLA volunteers traveled to the beaches of Poneloya, Jiquilillo, and El Transito to patrol alongside the newly trained volunteer lifeguards for the Easter Holiday, Semana Santa.

Press Release  | ISLA Conducts First Open Water Rescue Course In Nicaragua | The Beach of El Transito, Nicaragua
Photo Album – The Course in El Transito | Photo Album – Semana Santa in Chinendega

2011 | Easter (Semana Santa)
Dates: March/April, 2011
ISLA sent 10 volunteers to lifeguard alongside the Nicaragua Red Cross during the Easter Holiday of 2011. Volunteers also enjoyed the sights and extreme adventures of of Managua, El Transito, Granada, Maltaglapa, and Popoyo.
2010 | Easter (Semana Santa)
Dates: March/April, 2010
ISLA’s first trip to Nicaragua was a wild ride! We didn’t know what to expect, but 6 volunteers left to embark on the trip of a lifetime! The ISLA team spent the Easter Holiday  lifeguard alongside the Nicaragua Red Cross and having the time of their life.

ISLA Volunteers | The ISLA Volunteer Experience