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Thank you for contacting the International Surf Lifesaving Association! Whether a general inquiry, interest voluntouring, media needs, potential sponsorship, or to request resources, our email system will get you in contact with the right ISLA representative. ISLA’s a 100% volunteer organization, so please read our FAQ and sign-up to our Newsletter prior to contacting us with general inquires. We look forward to hearing from you and are exciting to work together in changing the world!

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The fastest and most effective way to get in contact with us is through following, and engaging (“sharing” “commenting” “tweeting” clicking “like” etc.) ISLA on it’s social media. Not only will you get the answers your looking for, but you’ll create awareness for the global drowning epidemic, and help us sustain and acquire corporate sponsors… which means lower trip costs, more certification courses, bigger discounts on gear, and free swag for YOU!

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