Great Lakes, Michigan

2015 | Great Lakes, Michigan, USA

Project Dates: TBA | Application Period: TBA – Application Not Available At This Time | Volunteers Announced: TBA

Project Description: ISLA Instructors will be working with the Great Lakes Rescue Project to conduct another Basic Open Water/Surf Lifeguard training course in Holland, Michigan.


2013 | Great Lakes, Michigan, USA

Project Dates: October 4-6, 2013

Project Description: In October 2013, we conducted our first USA project! The Great Lakes Surf Rescue project hosted a 30 hour International Surf Lifesaving Association (ISLA) Great Lakes Open Water/Surf Lifeguard Certification Course at Camp Geneva in Holland, Michigan.

The course was an enormous success in training and certifying 17 new ISLA lifeguards from across the great lake region and spanning all the way to Connecticut on the east coast. Course participants included paramedics, professors, lifeguards with both domestic and international experience, police, firefighters, camp counselors, and others.

ISLA instructors included two lifeguards from Florida and Lifeguards without Borders, as well as four ISLA lifeguards from California and North Carolina. All of them brought enormous insight, experience and knowledge from a wide range of backgrounds spanning coast to coast.

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