The Fight Against Global Drowning

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by olin patterson 3 Comments

We have put together a new video to showcase the work that has gone on at ISLA over the past few years. Please take a look. It would also mean the world to us if you could share this video to anyone and everyone!

Video Transcript:

Since 2008, ISLA has been fighting against drowning on a global level by providing equipment, supplies, training and volunteers to beaches that have some of the highest drowning rates in the world.

ISLA’s reach has expanded to over ten regions in multiple countries across several continents to fulfill the objective of reducing drownings.

While expanding in the international community, ISLA continues as well to focus on local education programs in the United States including a Scholarship program for under-privileged students to participate in nearby Junior Lifeguard programs. This year, ISLA donated over 1200 dollars to local Southern California scholarship recipients. Pictured here is 11 year old scholarship winner Richard Ramirez of Montebello, California.

ISLA’s international projects include implementing sustainable lifeguard practices through multi-day training courses, providing critical medical and lifeguard supplies and sending volunteers to work alongside regional lifeguard agencies during busy seasons. ISLA achieves these objectives by working with regional municipalities, schools, and universities to utilize existing local resources like classrooms and lecture halls.

ISLA’s staff is volunteer-based with 100% of the donated funds going directly to purchasing equipment and funding on-going projects. ISLA’s volunteers have grown to encompass lifeguards, paramedics, firefighters, EMT personnel, and others from all over the United States and other countries.

One of ISLA’s main tactics for continuing to successfully implement sustainable projects, fund scholarships, and support our training camps all over the world is through attracting corporate sponsors that believe in the mission of ISLA. We do this by working hard to promote our projects, sponsors and the work being done through many different media outlets. We don’t typically ask for private donations, but rather ask our fans and supporters to do what they can in liking the ISLA facebook page, and helping us share the multiple components of ISLA via our facebook and website.

As we continue to grow, we are ever thankful for our fans and supporters.
Now, check us out, share, post, and like the work being done at ISLA. Together we can all work to reduce drowning and raise awareness about the importance of ocean and water safety on a global level.

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  1. ISLA continues to amaze people from around the globe because of their undying effort to serve the public and save lives on top of it. Their programs are quite remarkable as their job not only entails saving lives but mostly on public awareness and skills training which is more important and widespread. I specifically like their program of giving scholarships to underprivileged teens who are willing to become lifesavers. This will boost many children’s morale in giving their own efforts for lifesaving in their own way.

  2. Tina Ruiz says:

    What I like most about ISLA is that they are a very active organization which tries to span across the globe for lifeguard services. Many have come to recognize their deeds and activities. Pretty soon they will have a station even in third world countries in Asia where there are lots of beaches and tourists.

  3. Amazing video. This will definitely encourage and motivate everyone to learn lifesaving skills in cases of emergency. Safety is everybody’s concern but unfortunately, not everybody is educated enough to determine the dangers that the ocean waters may bring. Good that there are organizations like ISLA that continues to act as guardians of the sea but they cannot do everything on their own and they need our help.

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