Adventure Philanthropy and a Very Special Thanks

We first read about Erin Michelson of Go Erin Go, in a National Geographic article about her amazing voyage several months ago. Erin had started an epic journey in December of 2010, to spend two years in over 70 countries donating her time and money to causes that focus mostly on child brutality, crises refuge, and human trafficking. From impoverished communities in Uganda, assisting HIV/AIDS organizations in Ethiopia, to helping with housing initiative in the Philippines, Erin is going to all seven continents making a huge impact on the places she visits. She calls her mission Adventure Philanthropy – a lifestyle that emphasizes giving as part of life and travel, and is working on a book that details her epic experiences and the experiences of others she meets along her journey.

After reading about her story and being greatly inspired by Erin, we immediately reached out to her and invited her on one of our ISLA lifeguard training trips. Her obligations in Southeast Asia prohibited her from coming along, but the initial contact sparked an on-going conversation in us being able to share more about ISLA, and us learning more about Erin and her journey.

Erin announced two weeks past that she was planning on giving out yet another $1000 to a non-profit organization that was nominated and received the most votes on her Go Erin Go social networks. We took charge by sharing the news to our friends and followers and were astounded by the results. We had an enormous display of support in the form of so many kind words and votes that Erin announced that ISLA would be granted the donation!

Though we wanted to share a special thanks to Erin for her donation to ISLA as well as the people who voted and supported the ISLA cause, ultimately we wanted to boast even more about the amazing and inspiring journey Erin is on. We wish her continued success in her philanthropic work, safe travels, and awesome experiences with the wonderful people she meets along the way.

Thanks Erin!