Because It Matters! ISLA on Fox Sports Radio

It was our first night in the Dominican Republic. We had traveled all day and arrived at our hotel. Relaxing on our hotel patio, with a few beers and wistfully talking about our project…when we hear Henry shouting from the 2nd floor (2nd floor was the spot with wifi). “Everyone! Come here!” We ran downstairs to join Henry. He told us how one of our volunteers posted a video on Facebook that said we were on the Petros and Money show on Fox Sports. Obviously, in disbelief we all huddled on the couch and pressed play…

Our work at ISLA and our ISLA Friendship bracelet, The Ahhmigo, were featured on their show and syndicated all across the United States! Check the podcast to hear the controversy our Ahhmigo bracelet started over at Fox Sports!

And check out the twitter war our Ahhmigo started! (Under our favorites)