Drowning Tracker Launches to Unify Global Drowning Prevention Efforts

Recognized as an epidemic by the CDC, and the third highest cause of accidental death worldwide by the World Health Organization (WHO), the recently launched Global Drowning Tracker will assist in putting this epidemic to an end through awareness and by uniting the global efforts of drowning prevention communities around the world.

The tool uses SMS integration, bulk uploading and a user interface to allow people anywhere in the world the tools to input an incident. Users can then use the filtration tools in the site to aggregate information about the types of drownings, demographics, and locations to identify in real-time where resources need to be allocated on a global scale.

Currently drowning prevention experts and lifesaving agencies around the world have been incredible in supporting and promoting this tool, including the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA). Over the next several months we will be aligning representatives and administrators all around the world to assist us in integrating drowning incident data. Over the course of this next year we will begin to see this tool as a global snapshot of this epidemic that allows the drowning prevention community a real-time application for identifying where resources need be allocated.

If you are interested in being an administrator, or a sponsor of future editions of the tracker, get in contact with us!

To view the global drowning tracker visit: drowningtracker.com
To learn more and get the facts visit: drowningtracker.com/take-action/