ISLA President Henry Reyes is Honored as Lifesaver of the Year

Henry teaching an ISLA course in the Dominican Republic earlier this year.


Henry working with Mexico Red Cross in Tijuana.


ISLA President, Henry Reyes, was awarded the title of 2013 Lifesaver of the Year by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.  Henry was competing against nine other finalists; all nominated for their impact on the lives of others in a water-related capacity.

Henry has sixteen years of lifeguarding experience, and co-founded ISLA in 2008. During the month of December, ISLA supporters all over the world voted for Henry to secure his position as the 2013 Lifesaver of the Year.

Henry will receive an all-expense paid trip to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) Symposium in Lauderdale, Florida and use this experience as an opportunity for ISLA to share our mission, announce future projects, and network with foundations and potential sponsors.

To learn more about the NDPA, visit their website.

Thank you to all our supporters all over the world for voting for Henry and sharing our mission!


Henry Reyes is the President and co founder of the International Surf Lifesaving Association (ISLA). ISLA is a nonprofit organization working to prevent drowning. To date ISLA volunteers have worked in 7 countries and have conducted 10 lifeguard training courses, certified over 100 lifeguards, performed over 1,700 lifesaving rescues, preventative actions, and medical aids, donated over $12,000 of rescue equipment, and awarded over $1,000 in educational scholarships.