ISLA on the KIIS FM Radio Station!

On February 12, 2014, myself (Jeff Hart) along with Henry Reyes and Jenalea Cree got to go to 102.7  Kiss FM Radio Station and be interviewed about ISLA.



The experience to go to the Radio Station was pretty amazing.  I have never been on the radio before so I was  a little nervous when I was pulling up to the building.  I got there super early and seeing all the different radio stations there was very intimidating. I knew though once we started the interview, everything would go great because I was talking about something that I am so passionate about.


I have traveled with ISLA before to the Dominican Republic and it was such a great experience to be part of this organization as well as share my experiences with the public over the radio.  I am a full time Lifeguard for the County and love to share the knowledge that I learned over the years with both the public on the radio as well as others in the areas that ISLA travels to.  The interview went very smooth and the DJ Chewy Martinez made it feel like it was just a conversation with him.  The microphones didn’t even seem like they were there.  After we left, they sent us the times of when the interview was going to air.  I actually woke up early to listen to it, as well as listen to it again at work.  I also recorded it so I could let my fiancé listen to it later that night.  It was a great experience to be part of and i am honored to be a part of ISLA as well as send out a message of something I believe in so much.

Check out our interview!

-Jeff Hart