ISLA Presents to US Congress to Push Water Safety

The Global Drowning Tracker© has done extremely well with over 5,000 unique visits in its first month! It has been talked about on several syndicated radio programs in the U.S. including LA’s 102.7 KIIS fm and Star 98.7, and even mentioned in the Huffington Post. The Global Drowning Tracker© has now caught the ear of our legislators on Capitol Hill.

ISLA has been invited to present the Global Drowning Tracker© to a congressional committee in Washington D.C. on May 15th (International Water Safety Day). ISLA will have 3-5 minutes to make the Congressmen aware of alarming drowning rates worldwide, and the need to create awareness for the drowning epidemic.

The goal of the briefing is to create awareness of International Water Safety Day (May 15) and to share with Congress the need for water safety education curriculum to be taught in first and secondary schools.
The congressional briefing is organized by International Water Safety Day.

Other presenters include Kim Burgess of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NPDA), Kimberly Charis of the Center for Safe and Healthy Schools, Debbie Hesse of the USA Swimming Foundation, Alicia McConnell the US Olympic Committee Director, and Wanda Butts of The Josh Project and the 2012 Top Ten CNN Hero. For more information on this event and what you can do to promote International Water Safety Day, visit their website at:

Make This Your Story on May 15th
By sharing the Global Drowning Tracker© website on your social media accounts and asking your closest friends to do the same, you’ll be showing your support for ISLA and utilizing the Internet to attack social problems. Change Starts with Awareness!

The Global Drowning Tracker© website acknowledges the epidemic, and provides people anywhere in the world the ability to report a drowning through the Internet. The Global Drowning Tracker© is also equipped with SMS text messaging technology, which enables anyone with cell phone service to take action. Visit for more information.

Read the official Press Release from before the event / Read the official Press Release from after the event.

Read about our experience in Washington and check out our photos!

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