ISLA Wins $10,000 in the Chase Grant Giveaway

chase grant giveaway

This past week, ISLA was awarded over $10,000 in funding from Chase Bank, in the 2012 Chase Grant Giveaway. The contest was opened for over 2 weeks as voters from their Facebook accounts or from their Chase accounts could vote for any of the 2500 charities in the race. ISLA finished with a 161st place finish by receiving over 1400 votes.. for a nation wide contest with voting happening all over the world, this was a huge accomplishment!

We want to thank all of our voters for supporting us and all the volunteers that hustled to get in the votes during the contest. These funds are going directly to saving lives and will be making a huge impact in the coming year! We will keep everyone posted.

Here is a list of others we wanted to thank that helped us win!

Auto Accident Refund Inc.
– Cecilia Camacho
– Michael Lopez

California State University Fullerton Center For Entrepreneurship
– John Jackson
– Charlesetta Medina
– Andrea Hurt
– Robert Kovacev

Fullerton College
– Charles Schilling

Huntington Beach Junior Lifeguard Program
– Kyley Morita
– Samantha Dieterman
– Geno Mulcahy

Huntington Beach Surf Lifesaving Association
– Eric Ching
– Chris Clarke

CSUF Entrepreneurship Society
– Jason Khoo

Marina High School Television
– Tristan Curtis

– Chuck Camps
– George Gomez
– Eileen Gomez
– Ryan Abady
– Kayla Johns
– Hana Knorr
– Sara Ramirez
– Claudia McCain