The ISLA Experience: Jeff Hart

The ISLA Experience: Jeff Hart

Jeff Hart: LA City Lifeguard for 10 years, LA County Lifeguard for 8 years, and Volunteer Lifeguard in Australia.

Dominican Republic ISLA Team

My Experience with ISLA in the Dominican Republic (DR) was beyond my expectations.

I save lives for a living and this was so much more fulfilling. Being able to educate a group of people is what I love to do, and then being able to hand over to them the responsibility to save a life is like no other greater accomplishment. It is one thing to tell a person, I am going to save your life. It’s on another level being able to teach someone to do that.

Jeff Teaching Techniques in the Training

My favorite thing about the DR was Cabarete. It was such a great environment and atmosphere. From the people to the beach and even the accommodations from the hotels made it such a great experience.

Any advise to anyone thinking of joining an ISLA trip?

Do it! You won’t regret it. It’s the experience of a lifetime!

Interested in traveling the globe as a humanitarian lifeguard?