Product Review: Original Watermen Super Stretch Boardshorts

The uniform for a lifeguard is simple: boardshorts and sandals. With that, the boardshorts we choose should be designed with lifeguards in mind because it is the main uniform item we require. The Super Stretch boardshorts by Original Watermen were designed with working water professionals in mind and the result is a great pair of boardshorts to work in.

As the name implies, these boardshorts are super stretchy. During rescues and workouts in Chile and in California, I never once felt the limit of the stretch in these boardshorts. They can handle stretching into any position that I found myself in bodysurfing, paddling and running. The super stretch material also dries extremely fast. On my latest ISLA trip in South America, I would come back from a rescue, towel dry, and the shorts will be bone dry within 20 minutes; That’s ridiculously fast!

The shorts also have minimal seems that are all very low profile. While this may seem like an aesthetic quality, it does directly relate to performance in that minimal seems with less bulk translate to no rashes and a more comfortable all-day wear.

There is one right side pocket that is big enough to hold your radio or pocket mask that has Velcro closure. Like everything else with these shorts, minimalist is the key. The Velcro is thin and not the full length of the pocket, this makes the pocket hardly noticeable when not in use and doesn’t leave you with a wet Velcro pocket all day.

Most importantly for all the lifeguard bums trying to save some money: these shorts are durable! I have yet to rip a pair despite paddling and working around boats and rocks in Chile. The shorts also hold color really well so you wont have to buy a new pair because your red trunks are fading to pink.

Overall: ★ ★ ★ ★
Price: $54.00 (as low as $29.00 with bulk pricing)
Durability: A
Performance: A
Fit/Cut: B+
Style/Swagger: A
Comfort: A
Price/Value: B+

Final Word: Extremely durable, quick drying, and comfortable with minimal seems to prevent rashes. A bit more expensive than some shorts, but it does pay itself back in durability.

-Kevin Craig