ISLA Product Review: Image Sunwear Lifeguard Sunglasses

If your like most lifeguards your frugal with most of expenses, except when it comes to entertainment and eye protection. We know your all experts on the pre-party, so we wanted to share our experience with Image Sunwear’s Lifeguard Polarized BLACK sunglasses Model:420808GB

Now we know what your thinking… How can an inexpensive pair of shades be just as good as my $200 glasses? “No way I’m I going cheap on my eyes!” That’s exactly what went through my mind as I swapped out my expensive Kaenon shades during our Project in the Dominican Republic. The DR has a UV Index of 12, which is literary off the chart! So if there’s a place to test the Model 420808GB’s this was it!

The Model:420808GB really surprised me, I used them throughout our project in the Dominican Republic (in & out of the water), with no complaints of eye-strain or fatigue. I liked them so much I took them across the Atlantic and used them as my main pair of shades during our last ISLA project in Eastern Europe. With out a doubt these are the best pair of budget shades ever!


I found the Model:420808GB lenses performed well, without any major limitations. The nylon frames were light and went relatively unnoticed while worn. The BIG wrap-around style provided great eye coverage with no visible light leakage. The square-ish non-reflective frames are finished nicely while being fairly scratch resistant (I’ve droppend them over a dozen times). The earpieces have a sleek taper to the tips that don’t put too much pressure on your dome. However, the nylon-on-nylon hinges and rub-away logos suggest limited durability.

Overall: ★ ★ ★ ½
Price: $20
Durability: B
Lenses: B+ (PC)
Comfort: B
Hinges: B-
Fit and Finish: B-
Price/Value: A+

Weight: 1.31oz

Final Word: Great pair of back-up or in the water shades; lots of value here. If the lifeguard logos are you thing they won’t last under heavy use.