Project Mexico 2014: Bahia Asuncion, B.C.S.

ISLA Project MexicoJust a few weeks ago, 22 ISLA volunteers traveled 1,000 miles roundtrip to the southern tip of Baja and conducted  various lifeguard training workshops in the community of Bahia Asuncion, Mexico.  This trip marks the 25th year that some of the world’s best lifeguards volunteer to share their ocean rescue knowledge and techniques with members of coastal communities in Baja California led by ISLA Baja Project Coordinator, Aaron Quintanar.

“Our team of 22 lifeguards shared their valuable lifesaving knowledge with the community in Bahia Asuncion.  We trained the local adults in basic ocean rescue techniques and played in the ocean with the children; beginning to establish a beach safety culture among the kids and the community.  And of course…we had a ton of fun, meeting new friends, getting great surf, and visiting beautiful Baja! And this year…we were fortunate to be joined by a film crew!” said Quintanar.

“Exploring beautiful Baja with a purpose was an incredible experience.  This ongoing relationships being built with the community in Bahia Asuncion to improve water safety is growing stronger and more productive, and we look forward to future endeavors to further support local efforts to reduce drownings” said ISLA’s Vice President of Operations, William Koon.

Aaron QuintanarDocumentary film maker, Lorena Santana,  filmed  our ISLA Project as part of her Barefoot in Baja series. She captured ISLA’s daily activities and our volunteers may appear in the show. The show focuses on showcasing the beautiful Baja California Peninsula, encouraging people of all ages to adventure off the beaten path, and introduces viewers to environmental stewards who have dedicated their lives to researching and preserving the riches found throughout the peninsula.  Barefoot in Baja also promotes ecotourism – responsible traveling that helps local economies and has a limited impact on the environment.

The Project took place from October 2-October 11, 2014. Without a doubt this was one of ISLA’s wildest adventures to date!  The Bahia Asuncion trip was filled with lifeguard training, surfing, exploring abandoned ships, clamming, festivals, and swimming with whale sharks!

Baja LifeguardsClick Here! to see more pictures from ISLA’s latest project on facebook.