Recon Team Leaves for Costa Rica

Last night Huntington Beach Lifeguards Noah Sinclair, and Greg Eisele departed for Costa Rica; a destination that millions take every year. They will be headed to a small southern pacific surf community nestled in under almond and palm trees, called Dominical. Dominical is a very heavy Beach break with heavy tourist traffic from all over the world and very large and numerous rip currents (CNN has ranked Dominical one of the top 100 beaches in the world). Unfortunately, with thousands coming to Dominical every year and the many beach hazards (tidal changes can be up to 15 ft) that only means one thing….drownings! Drowning have been a problem in Dominical since the small town started back in the late eighties by a few Californian surfers.

Up until the last ten years the importance of life saving and the need of lifeguards wasn’t fully realized until Lonely Planet started mentioning it in travel books, local hotels and restaurants started feeling the pressure and a volunteer/donation system was put in place to fund the lifeguards. Fast forward a decade and the small “rag tag” lifeguard crew are still at it but are hurting! Hurting for funds, equipment, and training (Imagine doing your job for the pure love of it yet knowing you could do it a hundred times better if only the government saw the importance!)

Greg and Noah have over 35 years of lifesaving experience. With countless rescues, medical aids, public contacts etc. This trip is a “scouting mission” to see what type of training, resources, equipment the Costa Rican guards need. While their down there the volunteers will be noting the needs, watching the operations, and sharing their knowledge as well. They’ll also be donating some equipment (shorts, shirts, and a rescue buoy).

“I have been in contact with some of the guards and they are very appreciative of ISLA’s efforts and for reaching out. We will also be visiting Bejuco, another small beach community south of Playa Hermosa and extending the olive branch as well. They heard about our visit and have asked us to come by, meet their guards and do a small, quick lifeguard training to which we said we’d gladly do.”- Sinclair

Stay tuned….

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